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Phil Smith C.
I went deaf in one ear so I booked in with Sab for a hearing assessment and wax removal. Absolutely brilliant service. Ended up having three appointments as part of my original booking. One to ease up the blockage, a second 5 days later to remove all of the blockage, and a third a few days later for a full hearing assessment as my hearing is starting to decline. Sab is really knowledgable, easy to talk to, and the end to end service was ten out of ten.
Aisling C.
Highly recommended - honest and professional.I booked in for ear wax removal. After a thorough inspection it was determined that it was not required. In an age where everyone tries to upsell and offer unneeded solutions it was refreshing and a highly welcome change.This type of customer care will serve them well in terms of loyalty and trust in the brand. I wish them every success.
Becky W.
Great experience today! Got an appointment the same day for my Mum. Really great service. He explained everything thoroughly and put my Mum at ease. He even did a quick check of my ears while I was there. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone!
Dana T.
Visited few weeks ago, seen by Sab who was very efficient and professional. Would use the service again.
Jonathan G.
I booked a ear wax removal and short hearing test and the experience was very good. The consultant explained everything very clearly and went above and beyond when performing the hearing test.Very professional, friendly and thorough.
Louise T.
Amazing professional and friendly service with Jo from the Driffield branch putting me at ease throughout the appointment whilst explaining everything to me as part of the procedure. Would highly recommend this invaluable service!!!!
kevin M.
Brilliant service here….. went in to see if could offer advice on some loss of hearing/pressure and Sab Croft the specialist couldn’t of been more helpful and also provided referral letter for me to take to the doctors to speed up the process with the hospital appointment I have.Would highly recommend
Andrew K
Booked in for an appointment with Jo and the team. Excellent service provided and would highly recommend.
Fiona J.
I visited your brand new Yarm practice last week. I had a very thorough hearing assessment by Sab. Both the procedure and the results were clearly explained.
I have already recommended you to friends and family.
Thank you.
buccaneer B.
Had a build up of wax inside my ears which resulted in me going deaf, These guys were recommended to me by a old pal . All I can say is Wow !!! , painless & hassle free .100% recommendations from me .👍
J O.
Dealt with at the new Yarm branch, which was opened on a normally closed day, to accommodate me. From the outset, was dealt with a friendly, courteous and professional manner by Emma, who undertook a full inspection of both ears, before using a micro suction technique on my right ear, following this, had a hearing assessment, after which, Emma gave a detailed explanation of the results and formulated a care plan. Throughout the whole consultation and treatment, she explained everything and I was given ample opportunities to ask any questions. Without a single hesitation, I would highly recommend this company, have myself worked in the NHS and private health care for over 40 years, and was amazed at the standard of care I received, and in such a lovely environment with amazing staff, from Emma herself, through to Sab, and Denise. Thank you for making a never before experienced treatment, pleasant.
J O.
Emma opened the Yarm store on a day normally closed for my appointment. Underwent full examination of both ears, followed by microsuction clearance of right ear. Also underwent a hearing test, followed by an intensive explanation of my results, and future care plan. From my arrival, was dealt with in a professional, caring manner, and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this new to Yarm business,it deserves every success. Thank you.
Debbie G.
Excellent service from Your Hearing Consultants, Pocklington. Helpful staff on phone and two appointments for micro suction. Very gentle, explained everything, unrushed. Very professional as suggested I saw GP before could progress with treatment. Hearing ok again, thank you.
Benjamin T.
Booked in for the micro-suction ear wax removal with Emma & the difference in my hearing was night and day after the quick 20 minute appointment. Could not recommend their services enough & the follow up aftercare appointment they’ve offered on the back of it too. She made me comfortable around the procedure and allowed me to understand what was going on in there too.If you’ve not had your ear wax removed in the last 6-12months get booked in for a check up.Thanks Emma.
sally B.
After seeing Rebecca I want to say what a lovely lady. She totally put my fears away with a caring and understanding of my past experiences of jet blasting syringing of ears. The method used now is painless.I would definitely recommend this business in Pocklington and hope the company take note of this lady's value to the company.
Mel R.
My mother has just bought a hearing aid here. The hearing test and follow up has been excellent. Would recommend
Penny E.
Just had my ear wax/ residue from ear infection removed. I’ve been unable to hear and feeling unwell for a month or more. I can finally hear and was able to see that I still have an infection. Now I can use the spray and hopefully feel better soon. The procedure was so quick and easy. The woman was lovely. Would Definitely go back if I needed to.
Jodie J.
Popped into the clinic to book an appointment, i am so glad I did. Jo was so helpful, friendly & informative, it is clear she loves what she does and her expert knowledge and manner makes your feel totally at ease.The clinic itself is spotlessly clean and welcoming.I would highly recommend a visit.
Richard J.
Had my first hearing test with Jo and she was amazing!! I had a hearing test booked by the Mrs as she kept saying I needed to go as the so called “selective hearing” was getting quite annoying! After a very detailed test and analysis it turned out I did have some hearing loss! Brilliant service! Not only identified something to keep tabs on moving forward but also proved the theory that my wife is always right so thanks for that too! Great service, would highly recommend! Thanks Jo
Tom W.
This was my first visit to Your Hearing Consultants in Driffield, I found the audiologists to be friendly, professional and reassuring. The clinic was very clean and tidy and is in a great town centre location. Driffield has plenty of parking nearby. I had a thorough examination and procedure which was explained throughout. My hearing is now much better. I’ll definitely be returning!
Alice G.
Really friendly staff, good value for money and easily accessible from where I live.
Will C.
I can’t recommend Your Hearing Consultants at Pocklington enough. Lucy and Emma are fantastic.After a screening I had a pair of hearing aids on demo for a couple of weeks. These clearly made a difference and I was excited to order a set of my own. I looked at a couple of different sets with Lucy and against her advice ordered a set of modern ‘in ear’ ones. Needless to say I didn’t get on with them. On my follow up appointment 2 weeks later Lucy took them off me and ordered the ones she thought were better suited with no questions asked. Within a couple of days the new ones had arrived and Emma hand delivered them to my door…5 star service. Lucy and Emma were very friendly and professional throughout and made me feel at ease.My hearing wasn’t terrible before but friends and family were sick of me saying what and pardon. Working on noisy building sites I used to struggle to hear the person in front if me due to background noise. I no longer have that problem and the convenience of streaming everything from my phone straight to my hearing aids is great!
Leigh J.
Absolutely fantastic service after water got trapped in my ears causing me huge amounts of pain/nausea/brain fog.Elaine was hugely sympathetic and managed to get me an appointment that same day despite them being fully booked which I am so grateful for.The service itself was great (sorry can't remember her name due to aforementioned brain fog)... gentle, patient and successful.I'd highly recommend.
Brendan C.
Had a great experience at yourhearingconsultants. Jo put us at ease and was great with our son, her extensive knowledge and experience was clear to see. Would highly recommend.
Paul L.
Very professional,quick and painless!
Lynn R.
So impressed with the service I received. I can definitely recommend Emily at the Pocklington branch.
David W.
Was informed by an " audiologist " that I had a wax problem but finding someone capable and professionally qualified to remove this had been virtually impossible - he certainly didn't want to do it , old enough to remember when Doctors did it . Chanced upon a splendid service within walking distance in Pocklington. Turned out that while I did have a little wax , removed painlessly in seconds , my ears were relatively clean , great reassurance .Splendid service , fair prices , any further problems - they will have my business .
Natasha B.
I went because my ears felt uncomfortable, itchy. Lucy checked them out for me and advised on what might soothe them and help with the bunged up feeling.Lucy was kind and helpful. Will get my daughter booked as she complains about ear wax hearing and buzzing ears.Would recommend Lucy if you have any concerns about your ears and hearing.Thank you Lucy.
robert W.
Excellent service,friendly staff 10/10
Amy S.
Amazing service. My right ear was completely blocked with wax and Lesley was thorough and took her time to remove all the wax blockage using micro suction, all the time checking I was okay. So happy to hear again. Both the staff were warm, friendly and really helpful. Lesley answered all my questions and gave great advice and Danielle did a great job of assisting. The premises were really smart and I felt totally relaxed. Will definitely use them again. Highly recommend.
Paul H.
Having used Your Hearing Consultants for ear wax removal on two occasions I can highly recommend their service. I am now discussing with them using hearing aids, their approach so far has been excellent, both Lucy and Emma are lovely people and will really look after you.
Janet W.
Lovely friendly staff at the Cottingham branch who were very knowledgeable and informative. I didn’t realise how much wax actually builds up over the years and everything seems really clear now. Looked after my elderly mum too. Highly recommend
Susan L.
I got an appointment really quickly. The young lady was very professional and friendly, I felt at ease straight away.Excellent service I would recommend them to all 10/10
Jean W.
I feel that the examination was extensive and informative and Jo was very friendly and clearly highly experienced I would strongly recommend her services.
Kevin C.
One of the biggest regrets i have is that i didn't look after my hearing when I was younger. A mixture of shooting, riding motorcycles and working in loud environments without adequate ear protection has lead to my hearing problems. Not being able to hear conversations, a consequence of which was that I’d feel isolated and not able to join in. It got to a point where I’d avoid those situations. Add to that, not being able to hear my children and grandchildren clearly started to have a big effect on my quality of life.I was recommended to Jo at Your Hearing Consultants in Driffield by a friend. Jo has been amazing, friendly, patient and professional. We talked through various option's and I was given some hearing aids to try. Instantly I was able to hear people talking with clarity that I’d almost forgotten existed. It always worried me what people would think but I decided that wasn’t going to stop me living a better quality of life. I cannot thank Jo in Driffield enough and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her.This is an honest review and I have purchased hearing aids.
Keith L.
I went to “Your Hearing Consultants” to have my Ear wax removed and I have never felt so at home! The team were fabulous and explained everything to me stage by stage. I’m now able to hear perfectly well again thanks to Your Hearing Consultants in Hallgate Cottingham because they are the best, you won’t find better!!I also had a hearing test which was explained to me at every step of the procedure.Thank you so much for your care and support ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Robert H.
Lucy has been very patient and helpful. I was very apprehensive about having an appointment but she has made the whole process very comfortable and easy. Would definitely recommend. Susan Hayward
Wilfred S.
Brilliant services,kind and considerate,well knowable in their work.l will recommend them to anyone
Me P.
I visited the new clinic in Cottingham to have my young daughters hearing checked. The clinic was warm, welcoming and put my daughter at immediate ease. Throughout the test, my daughter was told what was happening and reassured so it was a pleasant experience for her. I would highly recommend the clinic and would like to thank Lucy for all of her help!
Chris J.
Excellent service from Lesley today at Cottingham. Really friendly and professional. Thanks.
Cherry-Anne L.
I went to Boots four times before coming to Your Hearing Consultants in Pocklington in a last ditch attempt to get my ears cleared.
I was made to feel very much at ease from the minute I arrived and the lady that did my ears (unfortunately I didn't get her name) was super friendly, efficient, and did a great job!
An important point is that they charge the same price as Boots. Highly recommended! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Jenny W.
Would highly recommend. A friendly professional service.
Heather V.
Excellent service - my ears were completely blocked and although I normally have excellent hearing I was very deaf, to the extent that I had to go back for a follow up treatment appointment at no further cost. Brilliant to be able to hear again! thank you. Will defnitely go back.
Elaine T.
The staff are very friendly and welcoming. The process was quick, painless and, dare I say it, quite relaxing to be honest. I will have no hesitation in recommending this service to friends and family.
Win B.
Excellent care very satisfied
Megan J.
Lovely ladies who helped with my problem this afternoon! Even supply photographs too! Very friendly / calm and gentle! Thank you !
James W.
went for a consultation as have always had been getting my ears washed out at doctors, now stopped that practice. Went to see Lucy, confirmed I had lots of build up in my ears sucked both out in no time, no bother, definitely be back for a 6 month check. we'll worth the money.
Ian S.
fantastic service and very helpful
Sharon A.
Havng phoned just yesterday, I was suprised and really pleased to be offered an evening appointment this evening. Lucy was really friendly and talked me through the procedure for having the wax in my ears removed and happy to answer my questions. Time and care was taken during the process and I felt no discomfort. I would definitely recommend Hearing Consultants for care and professionalism.Sharon
Nick D.
Very easy 5 stars earnt. Excellant service from Lucy and Emma, now my brain is reconnected to my ears, I never realised how bad my hearing had decreased over nearly 70 years. I am now included in conversations at family gatherings, I had felt very left out. Its your choice NHS or Private, however 3 days from test to fitting is pretty awesome, plus regular appoints to fine tune me, NHS could be weeks possibly. At time I actually have to adjust the sensitivity on an app on my phone, as I can hear other conversations around me. Roll on new clinic opening in Pocklington soon.
John W.
Excellent service. Emma removed the wax from my ears, with care, concern and professionalism. She explained exactly what she was doing at each stage and showed and explained the video of my ear canal. I have no hesitation in recommending 'Your Hearing Consultants' and Emma, if your hearing is affected by ear wax.
Joy N.
Excellent service would highly recommend. Emma friendly and professional.
Eddy M.
Over the nearly 3 years of NHS aids, I found them less & less effective, and so contacted YHC last year. Lucy has been a great help & support, working with both myself & my wife (whose input has been invaluable) to get the most from my new aids, and helping sort things out when I managed to lose one. Since then I now have new moulds, which ensure a much more snug, and therefore secure, fit. She is in regular contact to make certain everything is as it should be, and nothing has been too much trouble for her.
Amy H.
Very happy with the service! Emma & Lucy are very friendly & will put you at ease straight away. I was made aware it could potentially take more than 1 visit to complete the process and made aware of any pros/cons. I couldn’t recommend more. I would not hesitate to book again for any future appointments & I have already recommended to a number of friends who have also been very happy with the service. 10/10 in all areas!!
Nick P.
Having had issues for a long time I visited these very pleasant, friendly and professional ladies and got to the root of the issues. Emma took photos and sent them to me so I could forward onto my doctor to get the required medication. Now I have crystal clear hearing and would use their services again if required.
Mel P.
I can’t thank Lucy enough coming out to see me On a bank holiday over Xmas as she didn’t want me to be in pain any longer again thank you so much now I may get somewhere with the doctors
Vicki B.
Booked in after telephone conversation with Lucy, Emma performed my ear wax removal, talking through the process. Very pleased with the results and excellent service would highly recommend. Huge thanks
Booked in with Lucy and had my appointment today. Very straight forward, explained in detail about what Lucy was going to do, was very helpful and informative. Very good and would highly recommend.
Cannot recommend this incredible company enough! Professional, friendly and I was able to get a home visit for the day I wanted. My ear is now clear after microsuction and I can hear again. So relieved and grateful for their amazing skills.
Jennifer D.
The technology used is fantastic and the staff are lovely. They put you at ease straight away and it was such a simple and easy procedure. Will be recommending to all family and friends in future when needed!
Eddie M.
I've only had water ear wax irrigation removal before which left dry hard bits of wax behind.
This suction system was far better as it's more precise.
Was informed that there may be some discomfort (which there wasn't for me).
First time I've felt that the job was done properly.
Would definitely recommend this professional service.
Elizabeth S.
Great service and very professional staff
Adele T.
I had my ear wax removed the other day. It was great to be able to have it done at home.
A strange sensation but not painful or uncomfortable. Thank you. Great job.
Ann L.
Fantastic service today very professional but put me at ease too. Wasn’t uncomfortable at all and I can now hear properly. Thank you will use again
Helen B.
Lucy recently visited my godmother in a residential care home. She tested her ears and eventually provided some excellent hearing aids which made a huge improvement to my godmother’s quality of life. Lucy was efficient, reliable and incredibly patient throughout. I would recommend her without reservation.
Rebecca G.
What do you do when your ears have been playing up since before Covid and your GP won’t give you an appointment and fobs you off with a telephone call and the advice to use olive oil to unblock even when you’ve explained you’ve tried before and it’s debilitating ? I hadn’t a clue either so searched face book and stumbled across this highly experienced audiologist who fitted an appointment for my son around work on a home visit - I would highly recommend Lucy and we will be taking her advice for an annual clear out , Lucy was helpful, informative and reassuring she was upfront about fees and they were more than reasonable. I’d urge anybody with issues to contact this company

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