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Custom hearing & ear protection in Yorkshire

We specialise in custom-fit hearing and ear protection and have a range of products to protect your ears during work, rest, or play.

Speak with our audiologist today for specialist advice on the best way to safeguard your hearing.

Noise protection

If you work or play in a noisy environment, we have a range of custom products available to meet your specific needs.

If you can’t change the amount of noise generated by your workplace or leisure activity, you need to make sure you are wearing an appropriate level of hearing protection.

Our noise protection ear plugs range from products that protect your ears from damaging noise levels, but still allow you to hear what you want, to ear plugs that are designed to block out as much sound as possible. We can also make ear plugs to block out unwanted sound at night, helping you to sleep more peacefully.

Speak with our audiologist to find out more about our range of custom-made hearing protection.

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Swim plugs

Custom-made swimmer’s earplugs keep water out of your ears and offer protection for those prone to ear infections and other ear problems associated with cold water exposure.

Our custom-made earplugs are made from soft, comfortable, and floatable silicone, so you won’t lose them in the water.

Speak with our audiologist to find out more about our range of custom-made ear protection.

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Start improving your hearing today.

Expert advice for those working or having fun in noisy environments.

Our hearing protection assessment is £30 and we can advise on a wide range of off-the-shelf hearing protection, or manufacture a custom-made solution.*

* Cost exclusive of chosen hearing protection.

Hearing advice

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