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Hearing aid features & accessories

Our digital hearing aids come with a range of useful features and accessories, such as speech enhancing features, Bluetooth connectivity, and TV, audio, and music streaming.

Hearing aid features & accessories

Learn more about our digital hearing aid features & accessories.

Hearing Aid Features

Hearing aid features

Our digital hearing aids come with a range of useful features, such as noise reduction and speech enhancing features, rechargability, and Bluetooth connectivity.

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Hearing aid accessories

We have a great range of hearing aid accessories to enhance your hearing aids’ functionality, such as TV audio, phone, and music streaming.

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Hearables range

Our hearables have many features in common with our digital hearing aids but are designed for those with slight to mild hearing losses.

Hearing aid features

Our digital hearing aids came with a variety of features. Speak with one of our audiologists to find out what features your choice of hearing aid style offers.

Clarity in background noise

The ability to follow conversations in the presence of background noise is high on the agenda of most people seeking support for their hearing.

All of our digital hearing aids have some noise reduction and speech enhancing features, with our premium hearing aids offering more sophisticated technology for providing better clarity in challenging listening environments.

Learn more about the technology behind our hearing aid clarity in background noise features.

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If you don’t want the ongoing cost and inconvenience of buying batteries or getting caught out when your hearing aid battery dies, then our rechargeable hearing aids are a great option for you.

Charging occurs while you sleep, so you can simply pop your fully charged hearing aids back in your ears the next morning, and you are set to go.

Rechargeable hearing aids are a great option for those conscious of the environment, or for those who have finger mobility issues and may find changing traditional, disposable batteries challenging.

Our rechargeable hearing aids come with a range of charging devices available, from the small and portable, ideal for overnight travel, to larger sizes with additional battery packs, for those wanting to charge when off the beaten track.

  • Enjoy up to 24 hours on one charge.
  • Short charging times, you can even charge on the go.
  • Our rechargeable batteries are a built-in lithium-ion battery, so there’s no need to remove your aids from the charger once they are fully charged.
Rechargeable Hearing Aid

Bluetooth connectivity

Wireless technology has allowed modern hearing aids to function like wireless headphones. Therefore, most of our hearing aids can now be paired wirelessly, via Bluetooth, to your smartphone, meaning that you can take your calls ‘hands free’, connect to Siri or Google Assistant, or stream your favourite music or Netflix series directly to your hearing aids.

In addition, you can also control your hearing aids via an app on your smartphone, with app features ranging from basic volume control through to managing how the hearing aid minimises background noise.

Some of our premium hearing aids can also be paired to your laptop, tablet, or TV, with many users also reporting that Zoom calls are much more convenient with the signal being routed directly to their hearing aids.

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Hearing loop system T-coils

In order for a hearing aid to amplify sound, that sound needs to reach the hearing aid’s microphone, therefore, it needs to be relatively close to the listener.

In certain circumstances, such as such as wanting to hear better in public spaces, this can be extremely challenging and where telecoil technology can be very useful.

A telecoil (or T-coil) is a small copper wire that can be ordered with your hearing aid. The T-coil allows the hearing aid user to access assistive listening systems, such as public announcement systems, via a hearing loop system. These systems are found in many public spaces, such as airports, train stations, theatres, places of worship, and banks or shops where there is a glass partition.

Hearing loops are discrete and effective, and simply require the hearing aid user to switch to the telecoil programme via their smartphone, in order to receive the sound directly to their hearing aids. The distance between the speaker and the listener no longer remains a problem.

Learn more about our other hearing aid accessories offering solutions for difficult listening environments where a hearing loop system may not be available.

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Remote adjustments

The latest hearing aid technology means that some hearing aids offer the ability to be adjusted remotely, meaning that you can opt to have your follow up consultations in the comfort of your own home, using your home computer, tablet, or smart phone.

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Hearing aid accessories

We have a great range of hearing aid accessories. Speak with one of our audiologists to find out what’s available to compliment your hearing aid choice.

TV audio & music streaming

If your hearing aid choice doesn’t connect directly to your TV or stereo, you can buy an audio streamer or TV connector which will then turn your hearing aids into a wireless headphone.

Audio streaming allows you to enjoy excellent stereo sound quality from your favourite TV programmes or music, thereby enabling you to listen at a level suited to you, rather than others.

TV Audio Streaming 1600

Mobile phone streaming

If you hearing aid choice doesn’t connect directly to your mobile phone, you can buy a device that will enable you to stream the sound from your phone to your hearing aids, allowing you to have a comfortable conversation when you are out and about in noisy environments.

If you have trouble hearing on a landline telephone, you can purchase a handset that connects straight to your hearing aids via Bluetooth. This can also be used as a normal phone by non-hearing aid wearers.

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Remote microphones

Remote microphones offer a great solution for maximising the benefits of hearing aids in challenging listening situations that have lots of background noise.

They are a small microphone device that can be worn by a conversational partner or placed on a table near a group of target speakers. The conversation that is closest to the remote microphone is then transmitted directly to the user’s hearing aid. The target conversation therefore becomes the dominant sound signal and the background noise is minimised.

If these situations apply to you, a remote microphone may be a great solution:

  • Listening in noisy restaurants, cafés, or bars.
  • Engaging in conversations in the car.
  • Attending places of worship, meetings, or groups with multiple speakers.
  • Teaching or listening in classrooms or lectures.
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