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Audiologist presenting hearing test results to a customer

Professional hearing tests with home visits & clinics throughout Yorkshire

Our hearing assessment is a comprehensive ear health consultation and hearing test with a highly skilled audiologist.

Your audiologist will complete a detailed assessment of your hearing to determine the presence, severity, and type of any hearing loss. Listening to your concerns, they will then build a detailed picture of your hearing needs, before working with you to form an individually tailored care plan, specific to your lifestyle.

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Your hearing assessment

We can quickly and easily schedule an hearing assessment appointment for you at one of our hearing clinics in York, Pocklington, Cottingham, Driffield, Yarm, Snaith, Brigg, or Selby.

Our audiologist can also complete your hearing assessment in the comfort of your own home, with home visits available throughout Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire.

Hearing review

Hearing assessment appointments take approximately 90 minutes to complete and begin with a hearing review.

Our audiologist will consider any relevant personal health information, and will ask you some questions about how your hearing difficulties affect your everyday life and listen to your hearing concerns.

To get a good understanding of your overall health and lifestyle, they will complete a simple questionnaire with you.

Audiologist presenting hearing test results to a customer

Ear examination

Your audiologist will check your ears for excessive wax or infection, and complete a thorough ear examination.

Where excessive ear wax is soft enough, we may be able to complete wax removal via microsuction there and then. Alternatively, we can book an ear wax removal appointment for you.

Audiologist completing an ear examination on a lady

Diagnostic hearing tests

During your hearing assessment, your audiologist will conduct detailed testing, known as Pure Tone Audiometry, to determine whether a hearing loss exists, the exact degree of loss, and the type of hearing loss.

The following three diagnostic hearing tests will be completed during your assessment:

Air conduction testing

During air conduction testing, your audiologist will place soft foam earphones into your ears and ask you to press a button when you hear a beep.

This test measures the lower limits of your hearing at a range of different pitches, and is used to determine the overall extent and pattern of any hearing loss you may be experiencing.

Bone conduction testing

During bone conduction testing, your audiologist will place a headband with a vibrating box attachment behind your ear. This sends sound directly to your hearing nerve via the bones in your head, and tells us about the type of hearing loss you may have.

Speech testing

During speech testing, your audiologist will ask you to repeat some lists of simple words. This test helps us to determine how well you are able to process speech.

Speech testing enables us to better understand how your hearing loss affects you, and how much you might benefit from hearing aids.

Hearing solutions

We want you to feel confident in the treatment options available to you.

Your hearing assessment results

Your audiologist will take the time to explain the results of your hearing assessment in detail, and will recommend the most appropriate treatment options going forward. You will also be offered a written report for you and your GP.

Should your assessment results indicate that referral for further investigation or treatment by a medical professional is required, your audiologist will discuss this with you and, with your permission, write a formal medical report so that your medical professional receives a comprehensive report of the day’s findings.

Audiologist presenting hearing test results to a customer

Hearing aid solutions

Your audiologist will work with you to tailor the best hearing aid solution to suit your hearing needs, technology and style requirements, and budget.

We will also provide a hearing aid demonstration to give you a feel for what wearing your new hearing aids are like.

Being a fully independent business, we are not tied to offering any specific brand of hearing aid to our customers. This means that we can always give our best recommendation on what hearing devices will work best for you, to improve your hearing and quality of life.

Plus, when you purchase your new hearing aids from us, the price you pay includes fitting and full aftercare for the lifespan of your hearing aids.

Audiologist demonstrating a hearing aid to a customer

Book your hearing assessment.

If you have any questions about your hearing, or if you would like to book a clinic or home visit appointment, we’d love to hear from you.

Our hearing needs assessment is £65 or FREE when you go on to purchase hearing aids from us.*

* The hearing consultation fee will be deducted from your hearing aids invoice.

Hearing advice

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