Hearing in noisy environments

How hearing aids can improve speech clarity in background noise.

Struggle to hear in background noise

Hearing in background noise

Are you mishearing words in conversation? If you struggle to hear conversation in environments with a lot of background noise, it may be that you have a high pitch hearing loss.

In this article, we explore how modern hearing aids are able to improve clarity of speech in background noise for those who experience high frequency hearing loss.

A high frequency hearing loss affects the ability to hear high pitched consonant sounds like ‘t’, ‘s’, ‘th’, and ‘sh’. This means that you may have difficulty hearing some words, even in quiet environments.

A common example is that you may have thought someone said ‘free’ instead of ‘three’. In this example, the louder and lower pitch ‘ee’ sound is heard, but the soft ‘th’ sound is missed.

Modern digital hearing aids offer the ability to be adjusted according to an individual’s specific hearing loss profile. Therefore, for those who experience high pitch hearing loss, the hearing aid is able to identify and amplify the softer, high pitch sounds, thereby giving clarity back to words and conversations.

Additionally, directional microphones, which are designed to zone in on the person you are speaking with, are able to amplify that person’s voice above any other background noise. Therefore, any voice that is raised above the background noise becomes much clearer and easier to follow.

If you are experiencing difficulties hearing conversation in background noise, our online hearing test is often the first step in determining whether you may have a hearing loss.

If the online test indicates that you may be experiencing difficulties with your hearing, we will recommend that a full diagnostic hearing assessment is completed to determine the exact severity and type of hearing loss, and the best hearing aid solutions to meet your needs.

If you would first like to speak with one of our audiology team about your hearing concerns, please contact us to book a FREE telephone consultation. Our audiologist will contact you to listen to your concerns and advise you on the best next steps towards improving your hearing.

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