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Hearing assessment home visit

Hearing care and ear wax removal home visits

Your Hearing Consultants offer professional and accessible hearing care and ear wax removal services in the comfort of your own home, throughout York and the surrounding area.

We are an independent and locally owned audiology business, and we offer advanced diagnostic hearing tests, hearing aids, and customised hearing services by our expert clinicians.

Our clinicians are all trained to the highest standard on the UK’s only ENT, BSA, and BSHAA accredited course for ear wax microsuction, so you can rest assured you are in safe hands. Our mobile, at-home appointments give you many options to choose from to improve your hearing and ear health.

Audiologist home visits in Yorkshire

Your Hearing Consultants’ team of audiology and hearing care specialists offer home visits throughout Yorkshire, including the towns of Scarborough, Beverley, Hull, York, Goole, Selby and Brigg.

Our mission is to provide gold standard audiology services and ear wax removal at your convenience, without any compromise on professionalism or client safety.

We’re able to offer home visits to trial the latest hearing aid technology, you can also opt to have your free aftercare consultations in the comfort of your own home, or remotely using your home computer, tablet, or smartphone.

We also provide many other services during home visits, such as diagnostic hearing assessment, medical hearing tests, hearing aid fitting, hearing aid repairs and servicing, impression taking, and more.

Home visit service areas

We provide our audiologist home visits across Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire. If you are in one of the following areas, schedule your appointment today.

  • East Yorkshire, including Hull, Beverley, Cottingham, Brough, Pocklington, Driffield, Hook, Snaith, Howden, Bridlington, and Melton.
  • North Yorkshire, including Yarm, York, Selby, and Malton.
  • North Lincolnshire, including Brigg and Scunthorpe.

What does a home visit include?

Whether you need an audiologist home visit because of a disability, illness, travel distance, or convenience, Your Hearing Consultants can provide you with the care you need.

From the comfort of your own home, you can take your ear and hearing health into your own hands. Our home services include:

Enjoy the accessibility and efficiency of audiologist home visits with Your Hearing Consultants.

Who can benefit from audiologist home visits?

Anyone can benefit from the convenience of our hearing care and ear wax removal home visits, we have created our home visit services to offer an inclusive service if:

  • You or your loved one are housebound
  • You are unable to drive
  • You are booking an audiologist home visit for an elderly relative or friend that is unable to travel
  • You have a busy schedule that makes it difficult to travel to the nearest clinic
  • You’d prefer to enjoy ear and hearing services from the comfort of your own home

Why choose Your Hearing Consultants?

Our team, at Your Hearing Consultants, is dedicated to providing you with a premium ear health and hearing rehabilitation service.

Our audiologist home visits, in Yorkshire, include our top-of-the-line hearing solutions, customised care, and incredible audiology team. There isn’t better care than this!

We are also proudly independent, which means we are owned and operated by local audiologists. That also means we’re not limited to one hearing aid supplier, and have the freedom to customise your hearing plan to your needs. When you choose Your Hearing Consultants, you are choosing a gold standard service from leading audiologists in Yorkshire.

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