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Ear wax removal tray

Gentle ear wax removal at home & in clinics throughout Yorkshire

If you are struggling to hear or your ears feel blocked, you may benefit from our ear wax removal, completed by a qualified specialist.

We use an ENT developed, state of the art ear wax microsuction system, called the Tympa System, to safely and comfortably remove wax and debris from your ears. Tympa System is winner of both the Royal Society of Medicine Innovation in Otology Award and winner of the Rowena Ryan ENT Prize.

Please read our COVID-19 guidance for information on how we are continuing to keep our staff and customers safe.

Special offer – Get our ear wax removal for the special rate of £60 (usually £80) when you visit us in clinic.*

Your ear wax removal appointment

We can quickly and easily schedule an ear wax removal appointment for you at one of our hearing clinics in Pocklington, Driffield, Howden, or Goole.

Our specialist can also complete your ear wax removal in the comfort of your own home, with home visits available throughout Yorkshire.

Ear examination

Ear wax removal appointments take approximately 45 minutes to complete and begin with an ear examination. Our specialist will carefully examine your ear canal for excessive wax, using a microscope.

To soften any ear wax, you will always be advised to use olive oil spray or drops for at least 3 days before your appointment, thus making the procedure as comfortable as possible.

Learn more about the causes of excessive ear wax.

ear wax removal using microsuction

Gentle ear wax removal using microsuction

Your specialist will then safely and comfortably remove any excessive ear wax by gentle microsuction, one of the safest methods to clean the ear. Although it can be quite noisy, microsuction is quick and painless.

We take before and after photos of the procedure, so you can be confident that your ears are clear and, once your ear wax removal is completed, we will check your hearing to ensure everything is as it should be.

ear wax removal using microsuction

Book your ear wax removal.

Our ear wax removal is £80 and includes a FREE hearing health check. Plus, if we can’t get the wax out on the first visit, we will see you again at no additional cost.

Special offer – Get our ear wax removal for the special rate of £60 when you visit us in clinic.*

* Clinics in Pockington, Driffield, Howden, and Goole. Offer also available for home visits (YO42 postcode only), for those who are unable to visit us in clinic.

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